The Forgotten Ones

The forgotten Ones – support for siblings and parents of special needs kids, and single parents needing a pick me up.

Our family project is “the forgotten ones, because you matter too” we will be working on setting up a program for the siblings and parents of children with special needs, or a single parent who works too hard and needs a refresher. This came to me during my son’s recent hospital stay. My daughter was struggling with the situation and felt left out. So much energy and time is spent on the child with issues, in my case for my son. And my daughter understood this, but still struggled a bit. Just acknowledging her feelings gave her so much relief, and letting her know it’s ok to feel that….it was a very touching moment, and a bonding experience for us. But that became the topic that we want to focus our energy on. More recently I realized “what about the parents too”. We have to be the strong ones, keep it together and stay positive while also learning how to cope with the different challenges and try to also give attention to our other children. It’s overwhelming and exhausting but we can’t crumble. And whether your a parent of a special needs child or just a single parent, you need to take care of yourself but as I know, there’s no time or energy left for you. This is my small way of giving support to those who desperately need it.

My plan: care packages to be mailed out. Anyone can nominate a child or parent by submitting their name, address, brief description of their situation and a list of things they like. Toys, clothes or shoes with sizes, activities they enjoy, maybe there’s a show they want to see or a book? When funds are available, I will then go shopping specifically for each person and mail them a “you matter too” care package with a card explaining briefly why they received the package.

Send your nominations to I will notify you if your person has been selected to receive a care package and ask if you want me to share your name in the package.

I will also be setting up a paypal account to accept donations for anyone who’s heart this touches and wants to help..$5 even. I cant help many on my own so help is appreciated!

This will be my small way of giving back and doing something positive.


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