And now I know it wasn’t me

This amazing man came in, built up my confidence, made me see my worth, stand taller and smile bigger. Then quickly became a weight, pulling me down, again. Now he tears me down for my confidence, as he sees it as conceited. Now he sees me with blackened glasses where everything is ugly. It’s no longer my cute quirks, now he sees me as rude and selfish. As a person who tries to intimidate everyone, who takes controll of conversations because I don’t care what others have to say. In a disgusted with me expression, he claimed I think I’m the queen and everyone is my pheasants. Worst of all he claimed my own children are scared to death of me.

Sadly, I’ve dealt with this before, not just from him but from his type. They convince me I’m cruel and that I draw this frustration and anger out from those around me. Until I sit and stew and go back to hating myself. But not this time. Life continues to build my character and my inner strength. 

This time I know it’s not me, it’s you. This time I know I did everything right and you again tried to suck the life out of me. Maybe you don’t even realize it, but you should. Subtle and polite words said to make you see your ways eventually turn into blunt sledgehammers. That’s your fault, not mine. And I realize now, you will never see the real you.


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