Just needed one

#millionreasons #justneedone 

I stayed too long looking for that one reason because in truth there was so many great things with him I didn’t want to lose. For the most part the downfalls were things I could look past, but there was this one thing that I could not accept and no matter how many times he promised to give that to me he was not capable. It was free, it cost him nothing and I think in any healthy relationship it’s the number one requirement. Honesty. Truth. Everything else can get worked out. Everything. 

I wanted him to give me that one reason to stay because it was that or losing me. And as he always said losing me was not an option. I needed him to prove that he was a man that could stand tall and fight. That everything he had said all this time was true, he could not lose me and he would do anything it took. He may have physically been there, but he had not really been there for a very long time. I was carrying on with a different version of him, grasping for him to come back. We were both sulking in our own ways. I withdrew to protect myself, and he pouted. 
I own my home. I own my vehicle. I live in a very nice, safe neighborhood where all the neighbors take care of their yards and you can actually leave your door unlocked if you wanted to. I have an amazing sense of humor. I am very honest and blunt with tact and have been successful in my life. I have achieved some things that most people without a college degree raising three kids alone could not do, but I did. I know that I’m an amazing catch. Being beautiful is just sprinkles. 
Instead of giving me that one reason to stay, he gave me the final reason to go and in time I will thank him for that.


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