Life lesson #6172016


No question, this is my biggest pet peeve. Whether it’s my kids, a co-worker, relative, a friend or a relationship. Maybe because I was once married to the biggest liar in the world… but then I realized my worth.


Once this happens, I sort of check out…it may take awhile because I need to be sure. But then when you keep lying, I realize what a total waste of my time it is to even conversate with you. I’m too real, sometimes at a fault but I don’t do fake.


If you lie about some stupid piddly thing, of course you will lie when it’s something that really matters.


Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but at least the truth is real. Why let me go on believing anything that’s just nonsense?


Honesty and being genuine are very rare traits in this world. I value them more than anything. I appreciate the simpleness of knowing I will never get caught in a lie, worrying if they know the truth.. that is stress I do not waste my time with.


Liars lose my respect.


Liars lie about anything and everything. It’s exhausting to always doubt what is said, to always have to argue and fight for someone to OWN the facts. It’s not personal, be you and honest about your flaws, strengths, mistakes, goals, fears, emotions… when you lie about these things, no one knows the real you. Maybe you’re not comfortable with the real you, if that’s the case, work on yourself before hurting people. You can’t build relationships with fantasies… I’m not fucking Alice in Wonderland.



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