Light needed

I need some of this right now…


I look at this picture and imagine the day was long and hot…the sand on the beach baking in the afternoon sun. The light absorbed in my skin. I soak in the warm rays as they comfort my soul, hug my body, recharge my heart, and sooth my mind. I lay in the shallow water, still warm from the hot day. The waves of the water rocking back and forth, almost massaging and caressing my legs. I pinch the sand between my toes. And I let the sand fall from my hand like an hourglass. It’s peaceful, and beautiful. I release all my worries to the sky.

But today’s weather gives me this….


I see the light reminding me it’s still there. Whispering “soon, I promise”… today I feel run down from my thoughts. My emotions still under control but definitely getting heavy again. My body is exhausted…but I’m not where I was and I need to focus on my progress. I see the light shining through, almost patting my back, telling me I’m almost through this… “hold on because I promise it’s going to be very good very soon”. At least, that’s what I hope its saying.