Angry at myself

People will show you who they are, but you must watch them, not listen.

I know this yet I still struggle to follow. I get confused when they show love, then do really stupid painful things and show remorse. I avoid connecting with people because of this. I am too forgiving and once I’ve let you in, I struggle letting go. And when I am ready to let go to the point I won’t hurt, somehow I allow them to change my mind. This is where I get angry at myself. When something happens that I knew in my gut, I saw it in my mind, but I told myself to shut up. I didn’t protect myself. I let someone in my bubble aka my brick cave. And now my heart is hurt.


1- Trust is necessary. I need to remember when that is broken, leave. Some people are compulsive liars and it is exhausting trying to determine what are the lies and what is the truth.

2- When someone can’t handle being alone, walk away. They will always be looking for someone to fill in the void when you aren’t around because the alternative is terrifying.. the alternative being looking at themself.

3- Find the lessons in everything.

4- Don’t let the pain take away you’re empathy and compassion for others.

5- People suck, but sometimes so do you.


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