I’m not afraid to walk away




Yesterday, today and tomorrow


Familiar, been here before… but something new in this is my reaction. Proof I have grown. I have matured and left the hot headed woman behind. The woman who jumped right back in your face, too stupid to back down. I take a huge sigh of relief in knowing I am not that person, nor am I willing to revisit that person.

I kept my cool.
I was in control of my actions.
I did not let it destroy me.
I went on with my life.
I didn’t even let it shake me.

When all was said and done, I realized I do have lines that I won’t cross again. Jealousy, aggression whether it’s physical or just an attempt of intimidation, outbursts in front of my son, conversations that turn into screaming, not for me anymore. These are beyond a red flag. These are bricks thrown at my damn skull. I love myself too much for that. ❤