#1 Requirement




After being single for about 8 years, I feel like I’m new to this dating thing. I’ve dated a few times but it honestly doesn’t last long.

Honesty and truth seem to be impossible to find. And I’m one of those stupid girls in the sense I can overlook quite a bit. But I need truth. I need conversations of complete honesty. I need to know I’m not being deceived in any little way. I guess I’m stupid like that. I’d rather be alone than sit next to some guy who seems great, adores me, treats me like a queen…. if he can’t give me 100% truth, I don’t want any of it. It sucks but I guess we all need to draw the line somewhere, that’s my line. I have better things to do than learn all about who you want me to think you are. I mean, come on, between netflix and amazon prime, I got lots to do.


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