Best parts of me


I’ve been told by many people I have a huge heart. I’m not sure I agree, I guess it depends on how you look at it. Yes, when I love, I love with every piece of my being. I feel it in my soul and my bones. It hurts when I love. But it takes me SO much to get there. I don’t let people in, I’m cautious and careful. More afraid to risk opening my heart to the wrong people so I keep it dark and closed.
The problem with this is, I need to love. I need the connection, physical and emotional. I get depressed and lonely, and my heart reopens for the wrong people. I do have a big heart. And it’s empty.
How do I make my heart learn to love myself first? If i could use all the love I have in my big heart for myself, imagine the life I could give myself.


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