Is it my failure that I believed his words, or does the failure belong to him.

He repeatedly lied to all to cover his dirty tracks, but children are the wisest among us. They may smile and say okay, but trust the child knows who is causing the trouble with lies.

The child hides his true voice from some because he is protecting his heart.

You have to live with what you’ve done in this life, all the pain you’ve caused, all the lies you made to live your selfish life. And God will take care of your judgement and punishment. He knows your true heart and where you failed. You broke hearts and lives. And every chance you were given to make all the wrongs right, you made a choice how to proceed. Make up whatever lies you must to not hear others judgement. You know the truth and how wrong you were. But even you can’t face up to what you’ve done because of your shame.

We forgive people for their faults. Not because we condone the actions or choices. But to free our own heart from the hate, hurt & bitterness others caused. We all will meet the day to face the truth of our actions and cannot blame anyone but ourself.

Some decisions hurt too many, too much and there is no excuse valid for the pain caused.


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