The voice inside


There’s no guarantee the voice is right or wrong, but listen to it we must.
We can sit and analyze situations over and over again.. because we are all human.
With flaws and weaknesses.
And talents and strengths.
And every decision we make gets us one step closer to wisdom. To learning the lessons we’re meant to grow from.
Some decisions affect others we care about, & it’s not our intention to hurt anyone. Our intention is to do the right thing, sometimes our damaged heart is the stronger voice. Sometimes our head is louder than any voice. Sometimes we are weak, life kicking us around and we believe things we even know is crap, maybe at the time it makes our days easier. To believe lies. To ignore red flags. To look the other way. To pretend. The heart can’t be controlled, it is the strongest part of our being.

Eventually the truth speaks, and your inner voice battles with it but the day comes you see the truth. And it hurts and pulls you down. But the light will come and bring you out of the disappointment and darkness and thank the person for the lesson, even if it took you too long to see it.

And don’t forget to apologize to yourself that it took so long.
Our paths are the journey to the lessons. Sometimes we fight the lesson because it’s too painful. In our own time, we will get there.