I know this all to well! I love that someone wrote in such a humorous manner 🙂


I had a cracking comment recently on a post I wrote called Things Not to Say to a Twin Mum. Cracking in the sense that I read it, snorted with laughter and hit delete with a flourish. Basically it was a ranty-moo response that twin mums think we are better than everyone and we act like a ‘twin mum mafia’. I SO wish I hadn’t deleted that comment, as I think the responses from other readers would have been absolutely class, but it was nasty and late at night so I did it without thinking.

Anyway, I got to thinking I wish! A twin mum mafia would be flipping awesome! We have so many unique skills that would make us a great mafia! So, red-rag to bull and all that: here it is. Thank you anonymous commenter from Milton Keynes: if my jokey post on things not…

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  1. ScrapAndSalvage
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 23:23:40

    there was a fun segment today with larry mantle on air talk today about identical twins….


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