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“Photography is an expensive hobby!” Those were the words of almost everyone I told, about my desire to become an amateur photographer. In a sense, they were right: buying a descent camera and a pair of lenses was not cheap. I’ve experienced first-hand how money-consuming photography can be, but I’ve also experienced how amazing photography can be. After some small shoots here-and-there, I decided to put down my camera and focus on other priorities. However, my mother picked up “the kit” (as I like to call it) and made it her own. Ever since then, I’ve helped her out with her shoots, location scouting, and so on.

Recently, my mother’s been getting an interest in portrait photography. She began to look into light kits, but they were quite expensive: the most basic light kits can go for approximately $60 or more. Somehow, she ran into The Frugal Filmmaker‘s YouTube channel and the problem was…

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