more complicated than expected….

Ok, so i started this blog as an effort to give myself an outlet for all my sarcasm that my kids don’t care for…but I have sat continually night after night for hours trying to figure out how to make my photos show up on here! It’s nearly 10:30pm, and I am completely exhausted! Why haven’t I found time to update this thing from work!?

So tonight I sat with my girls brainstorming our planned project…we want to begin a program of some type to support the siblings of special needs kids. After a dispute over chores and academics, we finally got down to business and I think we are off to a great start. The creative juices are flowing. Any tips or ideas anyone has to share are welcomed. Our project is “you’re not forgotten, you matter too!” We want it to have an outlet in some way for kids to reach out, anonymously, and share their feelings. But also open them up to what they haven’t likely considered…the simple fact that (as my dear mary says) the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets greased. ..or I mean, the child suffering from illness in some way has their needs prioritized. And the simple truth is there is only so much time in a day, and only so much a person can give of themself in a day, so what happens is the ‘healthy’ kids are placed on a back-burner. Not because they aren’t important, but because mom (or dad) doesn’t have the ability to think about anything but fixing their ‘sick’ child. I was (and still am) consumed by the drive to fix Ryan. To give him the chance to be a normal child. To scrape his knee from crashing his bike because he crashed his bike from a bumpy sidewalk….not because he had a seizure while he was trying to be normal… Truth is I know I have done more than many would. But it’s just not in me to pretend there isn’t something more I can do. And this journey has directed my family to so many amazing people, and families who have lifted our spirits when we were ready to quit! And we are so grateful for that! I just wish sometimes that my ‘normal’ kids wouldn’t fight all the time about who ate the last piece of popcorn from the bowl. I know it’s normal in some way….but this exhausted mom just doesn’t care who touched the darn bowl last….I just want one of them to put the darn bowl in the dishwasher without the 4 of us breaking out into a screaming match over who should do it!

With that, I’m signing off tonight. Hopefully I find out how to fix the pictures another day.


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  1. Aunt Candy
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 14:42:35

    great stuff Heather! Glad you’ve found an outlet!


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