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I am responsible for my reaction to other people’s actions…

I am responsible for my reaction to other people’s actions….

I need to repeat this to myself sometimes. I need the reminder that I can only control myself, not others. And most of the time the issue is their problem, & within themselves. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their journey.

Be kind.
Don’t judge.
And don’t take it personal.
There is a positive that you can take from the situation, find it & focus on it.

DIY Car Detailing

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cardetailingFrom the folks at thriftydiva:


1. Start from the top down wiping your car out. We didn’t do this and had to re-wipe everything down. You want to clean the windows and dashboard first from the top down. You would do the same thing in a house. If you start from the bottom up, when you clean your dashboards all the dust will go back on the floor.

2. Get everything out of your car and trunk. We got everything out. There was nothing left in our car except for the stuff in the glove compartment. This made cleaning so much easier.

3. Shop vac your car. This was my favorite part. Those vacuums at the car wash usually cost around $1.00 for 3 minutes. I hate that pressure to get it done in that time. This is where those awesome shop vacs comes in handy. We paid $39.99…

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My resolution



Unspoken words



Live for the moments


No more what if’s..
No more just in case…
No more thinking it all through…
No more living in yesterday’s mistakes, move on

Tomorrow’s aren’t promised.

Let go of your fears and just go for it! All of it! Whatever you want!

God gives us today and he wants us all to live life! Laugh until our bellies hurt! Hold hands with someone who makes you smile! Hug tightly and with all your might! Try new things! Dance and sing! See new places! Find the simple joys in life!

12 Things Happy People Do Differently

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12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I can be pretty dark and snarly, at times. Perky people can get on my last good nerve . . . . most of those times are usually before I’ve had a cup, or three, of coffee. But, most of the time, I wonder what makes them tick. Why are they so happy? Especially at o’dark-thirty in the morning?!

Well, I may not have all the answers, yet. But, here are some clues as to what makes them tick. I can’t say that they’re all that bad. I’m going to try a few out. Lemme know what you guys think.

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